Our company Jvonne was established 30 years ago in order to provide high quality, professionality and reliability to our clients.

1986 Jvonne established as mechanical workshop producing precision mechanical products on behalf of a third party
1997 the company obtained the ISO 9000 certification
1998 first production of soft vices and first catalogue with standard products.
1999 first production of cubes (structures holding tools or pieces for horizontal plane workstations) with new catalogue of standard products.
2002 new catalogue of high performance clamps multi-pinces.
2003 product news: magnetic parallels
2005 product news: cubes & clumps with standard anchoring
2009 product news: metal chips compactors Mod. JEC
2010 product news: expansion chock
2011 product news: two parts vices (BI vices)
2012 product news: metal chips compactors mod. JEB
2014 metal chips compactors size 600, 800 and 1200.

High flexible systems with rapid setup increasing your productivity.

Rapid & flexible – Knowledge and Know-how – Efficiency & Productivity

Jvonne Srl is established in the engineering industry, producing anchoring clamps for work pieces fixed in workstations. Those anchoring systems have high flexible and rapid setups.

This system is perfect for working with few as well as a high quantity of items. Thanks to research and planning, Jvonne products arise from many years of experience with workstations. In this way the company obtains high efficient systems which increase productivity.